IndianGram offers wide range of features, Here are few key features that IndianGram offers.

Advance Protection

View stories, read and write messages without anyone's knowledge.

Best Performance

Improved Preformance, Faster & Secure than official Version.
As default analytics was disabled to improve performance & security.

Ads Free

Completely free app with no ads.

High Quality Media

Upload your photos and stories with better quality.

Key Features

Download all media

Download all photos, videos, stories, reels and IGTV videos from instagram with a single tap.

Enlarge DP & Download

Tap & Hold on the dp to enlarge, Tap & Hold on enlarged dp to download.

Developer Options

Tap & Hold on home button to open developer options that lets you configure app behaviors that help you profile and debug your app

Take a quick overview

Detailed display of IndianGram. This was the best that we can give.
  • Privacy
  • Ghost Mode
  • Quality
  • Gestures
  • Feed & Stories
  • Miscellaneous
  • OTA Updates
  • Backup


Privacy helps you to remove ads from your application & also helps you to disable the analytics data that is flowing out of your app.

You can also control crash reports data going out of your app.

Ghost Mode

In Ghost Mode, IndianGram users will have the ability to stay hidden.

Users can remove read and typing receipts for direct messages and can also watch stories without sending notice to the story.

You can also view live videos without being noticed.

Quality Improvements

You can improve the quality of photos, videos, stories, reels and IGTV videos.

By default, Instagram compresses photos by screen width, this option disables that restriction.

You can aslo download high res photos from IndianGram


Control gestures, like

"Swipe to navigate"
"Zoom photo by long tap"
"Like photo by double tap"
"Video Scrubber".

Feed & Stories

You can control Videos autoplay, Stories autoplay and auto flipping.


We have also included features like Inapp Browser that helps the user to browse all the urls within indiangram without using any additional system browser.

Indicator "Follows You" will help you to identify, if a user is following you or not. Whenever you open a user's profile.

Additional Menu for comment will help you to translate comments between different languages. View menu by pressing the "more" button below the comment.

Over The Air (OTA) Updates

Regular updates of the app will be sent through our ota server. You can install updates without any pain.


This menu helps you back up your IndianGram settings and the backup does not include saving the developer settings.